Contouring and Polishing


Kylie’s teeth were already a beautiful color, but she did not like the way her front teeth looked worn and chipped.  A short visit of polishing and her smile was perfect.



 Felishia had a pretty smile, but she did not like the way her top and bottom front teeth had worn so flat.  It made her teeth look older than they are.  A few, easy minutes or artistic polishing and they look more youthful and feminine.


Katlyn’s teeth had worn from grinding her teeth like many people do.  This made them flat and worn looking.  After replacing her rough composite bonding on her right front tooth, we artistically polished all the edges of her front teeth to make them look softer, giving her a more feminine and beautiful smile.


Michelle had a beautiful smile, but thought it could look better.  She did not like the shape of center front teeth, and did not like the space between and wanted her lower front teeth more even.  After teeth whitening, we polished her teeth to give them a more pleasing shape and used composite bonding to fill in the dark space between her two front teeth.  She has stopped putting her hand in front of her teeth when she talks and feels much better about her smile.