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Brad’s top front teeth were badly worn down.  “My teeth are cracked and broken, I want a smile that matches my age, but doesn’t make me look like a teenager”.  

We placed all-porcelain veneers using Brad’s help in choosing a shade while recreating his original shape matching a photo of his teeth that he brought into our office.



Barbara had tetracycline stained teeth from taking the antibiotic as a child and  she  didn’t like her “gummy smile”.   

After performing a gum lift to make the proportions of her teeth better to fit her smile all-porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns were placed to give her a more pleasing shape, size, and color.



Bridgette has spent most of her life taking care husband and kids, and she felt it was time now to do something for herself. We replaced two missing teeth with dental implants, and then used all-porcelain ceramic crowns to restore her teeth to their youthful appearance.



Nancy did not like the way her teeth had worn down from years of grinding.

Her enamel had weakened and etched from years of exposure to lemon juice.  We used all-porcelain ceramic crowns to lengthen her teeth giving her the strength and appearance she had years ago.



Theresa is a beautiful lady whose teeth just did not fit her face. With laser gum sculpting to level her gum line to match her eye line, all ceramic crowns were used to give her a smile as beautiful as she is. Theresa is afraid of the Dentist.  She really appreciated the  Conscious Sedation experience in our office.

Chris was born missing an upper front tooth.   With 3D Cone Beam assisted Implant Placement and all-Porcelain Veneers, we were able to save tooth structure and avoid cutting down Virgin teeth to place a traditional 3 Unit Bridge.       

Keri had very flat and worn teeth with old discolored bonding.  She did not like how her gums were “uneven”. 

With a gentle gumlift and all-porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns, we gave her the smile she always wanted.  Keri tells us she has a “new lease on life”.   


Kathleen had teeth she felt were very unattractive and had developed gumline cavities.     Ceramic crowns and  all-porcelain veneers gave her  the beautiful smile she was looking for.


Walter had old crowns that were not shaped right for his face and were showing old metal margins from crowns made years ago. 

With the latest in technology we were able to provide him with the newest in all-porcelain ceramic crowns.  Walter never used to smile.

Now he never stops!


Mike had crooked teeth that were discolored and the edges were begging to chip and break.  He decided it was time to do something about it.  With artistic gum sculpting and all porcelain ceramic crowns, Mike says, “I really has something to smile about now”.


Bob had lost many of his back teeth and his front teeth were just plain worn out.  They were chipping and breaking.  We replaced his back teeth with dental implants, and porcelain ceramic crowns  and Dental Implant supported Bridgework we gave him the smile he always hoped for.


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