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                     In choosing a surgeon or dentist, experience, compassion, caring,                                                                   precision, & expertise are all important. 

Advantages of Dental Care with Dr. Kachele & Associates

  1. We Listen to our Patients

  2. Compassionate Care & Gentle Techniques

  3. Years of Experience Offering the Latest Advancements & Technology

  4. Lasting Value w/out Sacrificing Quality

  5. Great Savings

General Dentistry / Dental Implants / Cosmetic Dentistry / Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Kachele is trusted and admired by his patients and his peers; many of his patients are other dentists, or referrals from other Dentists. Dr. Kachele’s commitment to ongoing training and education puts him at the cutting edge of dental implant and cosmetic restorative dental techniques, technology and knowledge.  Dr. Kachele and Associates offer all Phases of Dentistry from General Family Dental Care to Cosmetic Dentistry, from the most Simple Needs to Comprehensive and Complex Full Mouth Reconstruction, from  Same Day Dental Implants to Root Canals and Crown and Bridge or Dentures, our office caters to all family needs with careful planing and gentle, friendly, treatment of all your dental concerns.

Dental Implants / All Phases of Dentistry 

If you are seeking one of the best, most qualified Implant Dentists to perform your tooth replacement, with nearly three decades of Dental Implant experience, Dr. Kachele and his highly-trained, professional staff are ready to provide top quality dental care. Because there are specific needs for restoring teeth and years of working with his patients to achieve a healthy and natural smile, his patients can feel great about the fact that he offers all phases of dentistry in his office in one convenient location helping to eliminate the need for referrals to outside doctors for treatment and inconvenient transfers with multiple visits.                                                              

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Cost of Dental Implants

When it comes to your oral health, your self-esteem, and your overall well-being we encourage you to investigate before you decide.  When it comes to Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry sometimes we get what we pay for, unlike buying paper-towels, or laundry detergent, where sometimes the “bargain brand” will do, making an investment in your-self should never be a sacrifice.  Dr. Kachele does his best to keep the cost down, but chooses not to compromise care, and only uses the latest most advanced products available; nothing but the best products available today will do when treating his patients.  If Dr. Kachele can save money for you he will, but only if and when it will not compromise results that both you and he will be happy with!  Your happiness is his happiness, he wants total satisfaction for his patients, and his reputation among his patients shows this.

Dental Insurance Carriers We Accept    

We accept all major forms of dental insurance, and many dental plans have an allowance for dental implants. The advantage of seeking treatment from Dr. Kachele is that our implants are dramatically less expensive than many other dental implant specialists.  If you have a maximum benefit stated on your insurance you can get far more coverage for your money.  We have even been able to save money for those who have been given a price from their HMO providers.  Unfortunately we have found that many alternative “non-covered” procedures are masked by non-ADA procedure codes that have been added to HMO Treatment Plans in an effort to pad or inflate pricing.   The American Dental Association has a list of all required and acceptable procedure codes for our procedures that are utilized by all Dentists here the United States.  You would be amazed at some of the creative codes we have seen that enable some HMO providers the ability to charge for “non-covered” procedures!  In many cases, their treatment plans cost more than an out of pocket procedure at our office.

*We Are Medicare Certified*

Did you know that under certain circumstances, Medicare Part B will pay for medically necessary surgical procedures? Call us for a free consultation today at   760-539-0470  or click the link below for your online request.

Medicare Certified 1

Dental Implant Procedures

Dr. William Kachele continues to innovate when it comes to dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.  Using medical grade titanium, small dental appliances and a technique perfected at his office, the team can rebuild your smile efficiently with no fuss in a very effectively time saving way, while saving cost and keeping down the number of visits.  From initial consultation to the completion of your dentistry, you will appreciate that client comfort is of paramount importance to Dr. Kachele and his team. Using a revolutionary discovery by Professor Branemarke and cutting edge techniques perfected by Dr. Kachele, your dental implants will fuse to the bone and stay in place permanently.

Dental Implant Problems

Unfortunately, many problems with dental implants are caused by Dentists using Cheap Dental Implant products in an effort to lure Patients with Low Cost Dental Implants, a Dentists lack of experience in Restorative Dental Implant Procedures, and just plain greed!  Dr. Kachele uses only proven dental technology and high quality materials to create superior dental crown & bridge restorations which keeps our patients smiling.  Our patients are the backbone of our practice.  Our success, as one of the premier Cosmetic Offices in America, is realized because we rely on the quality, and craftsmanship of American-Made restorations. We only work with the top dental labs and use only the best materials available in this great country of ours.  As a Patriots, my staff and I love our country and are proud to say, “Made in the USA”! 

Teeth in a Day – Same Day Dental Implants

Over the years, changes in dentistry have appeared to come slowly, with many practices unable or unwilling to stay abreast of important advances in technology.  However, Dr. Kachele  has devoted his career to integrating the latest, most innovative of these advances into his practice, setting a new standard in patient care.  Our goal has always been to provide the most forward-thinking and luxurious restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Southern California.

The advances made in dentistry are astounding with the new technology allowing  Dr. Kachele to do things that at one point couldn’t even be imagined.  Dr. Kachele is proud to offer procedures using only the latest in dental technology.  He takes pride in offering patients the latest advances in dental care so that you get the smile you want in a way that is not only convenient and comfortable but also of the highest quality.  “Our Mission to offer Quality You Can Afford”!

Meet Dr. Kachele

kacheleIt has been my pleasure to serve others through providing Dental Care for over 20 years.

I have always made it my goal to provide my patients with a total commitment to achieving the smile they have always wanted.  I talk with my patients about every concern they have because I truly care about their time with me.  My staff and I make every effort to listen to them carefully so that we can make their visit as easy and as comfortable as I we can for them.

We all know the universal fear of going to the Dentist, and my staff and I never forget that you deserve to be treated with kindness, respect, honesty, and sincerely.  If we have any issues, we want our patients to speak freely and openly so we can meet their needs and fulfill their desires.  I want to give my patients the smile they have dreamed about, something they didn’t think could be possible for them.

 8 Reasons why you will like our office!

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Why Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry w/ Dr. Kachele and Associates

1. Thousands of Implants w/ over 25+ years of experience in Implant Surgical Placement and Prosthetic Restoration.

2. We do Sinus Lifts, Ridge Expansions and Augmentations, Bone Grafting, All on 4 Same Day Implants, and Difficult Full Mouth Reconstruction

3. You can find treatment at lower prices and much higher prices, but can others do the difficult cases without referring out?

4. We can save you hundreds if not thousands on treatment, from simple to the most complex treatment without compromising quality!

5. Doctor Kachele is a Certified Medicare Provider and offers Senior Care for those who are covered.

Medicare Part B will pay for medically necessary surgical procedures like Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifts, Ridge Augmentation and issues that accompany Jaw Bone Loss and Deterioration that effect your health?