Same Day   (All on 4  or 6 )  Perma – Bridge

All on 6 or 8 Crown & Bridge


The Same Day (All On 4 or 6 Implant)  Denture – Perma Bridge 

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The Same Day (All on 6 or 8) Crown & Bridge


You will never have to remove your teeth again!

Tooth loss, gum disease and bone disease affect millions of people worldwide, on every continent, in every age group. Globally, several hundred million people are thought to be missing one or more teeth. More than 40 million people are estimated to be fully edentulous (no teeth) in the United States alone.  Completely edentulous jaws are a much more widespread handicap than most of us realize. Major barriers for solving the problem are the perceived complexity, stagnant technology and high cost of treatment. With innovative new solutions this no longer needs to be the case. There is a solution. A cost effective, proven solution. The All-on-4 or 6 Same Day Implant solution or the All on 6 or 8 Crown and Bridge.

Replace Missing Teeth and Dentures 

In Just One Appointment!

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Who are the best candidates?

The ideal candidates for Teeth-in-1-Day (Either the All-on 4 or 6 Dental Implants or the All on 6 or 8 Crown and Bridge ) are those who are about to lose all of their teeth or those who are current denture wearers.

I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for a permanent Fixed Fridge or Implants due to bone loss.   Am I a candidate for Dental Implants with the All on 4 or 6 Perma-Bridge of All on 6 or 8 Crown & Bridge Procedure? Bone Volume after Tooth Loss


90% of Patients that have been told they are not candidates for traditional Dental Implant Options are candidates for this procedure. This procedure uses the frontal area of the jaw and in most cases requires no bone grafting or sinus lift augmentation.  Depending on Bone quality and availability of Bone, some may need as few as four dental implants, but there are times when five or maybe six are needed to achieve long term success.

What makes this procedure different?

Considering the fact that the frontal part of the jaw has the more dense bone, instead of the conventional method of placing the Implant straight into the bone (which can require sinus lift and bone grafting) and minimum 6 to 9 months waiting time and healing time, this technique differentiates by placing the back Implants at an angle. Not only do you benefit from the dense bone in the frontal part of the jaw, but we can place a longer Implant, with a much less invasive procedure, without entering into the sinus cavity on the upper arch.

How long is the procedure?

The surgery takes approximately 2 hours per arch under sedation and you will get a permanently fixed bridge set of teeth in just one day!

Is there going to be pain?

Since the surgery is much less invasive, is performed under sedation, and the Patient is given anti-inflammatory medication prior to surgery, there is little to no discomfort and swelling. You will also be given medication for home care to make your transition a smooth one.

What about healing time?

In many cases there is no healing time for bone integration to secure the Fixed Bridge onto the Implant due to the fact that the Implants are anchored into the bone. The usual 6-9 month bone integration is may not required in most cases because we gain solid primary stability at the initial placement of these Specialized Implants.  We do however feel that it is important to point out that the procedure does give a same day smile when you leave, there are specific instructions that must be followed.  Post Operative Instructions and timely post operative visits will be scheduled to aid you with with the healing process to insure success.

All of my remaining teeth need to be extracted, How can the bridge be put on right after the surgery? Isn’t time needed for healing? Aren’t the gums too sore to handle the load of the fixed bridge and could I get dry sockets?

This is the least invasive procedure which is done under sedation.  If extractions are needed along with implant placement, the bridge will be sitting on implants only and NOT on the soft tissue. The gum will be completely closed up after surgery therefore there is no socket exposed and no dry socket. Patients are placed on anti- inflammatory medication prior to surgery, therefore there is little pain or swelling.  In most cases 9 out of 10 patients do not even take any pain medication after this procedure.

Will I need additional Implants in the Upper Jaw?

The upper jaw (maxillary arch) is different in quality and bone density than the lower jaw (mandibular arch).  The upper jaw is labeled or referred to as spongy bone because it is not as compact as the lower jaw.  Because the lower jaw is more dense, we find that we can usually, but not always, use fewer implants to achieve the same day implant procedure for the lower arch. If we need to add additional implants to the upper jaw, we try to keep our cost down when adding the implants to the treatment and offer discounted rates on them whenever possible.

How much does the procedure cost?

Our fees are lower on an average of$7,000-$10,000 per arch than most providers. The average fee for the “All-on-4®” procedure is $25,000-$35,000 per arch!  We have found that most facilities will not offer to convert those with Existing Dentures to an All on 4 same day service making it possible to modify the existing Denture and save money.  For those we offer the Same Day Implant Modification Procedure for Existing Dentures starting at $8599 per arch!  There is now an introductory Stage 1 process where we offer an acrylic denture to get started with a permanent smile for $12,499.  We are also the only implant facility to offer an All on 4 to 6 Implant fixed to a Full Zirconia / Nano Hybrid Porcelain Denture Bridge. We call it the Perma-Denture Bridge which starts at $18,999 per arch.  For those who are candidates for complete Crown and Bridge, we now offer the All on 8 Crown & Bridge for $21,999.  Every cost is presented and itemized up front for transparency.  We do not believe in surprises or adding fees to your service.  If we miss something on pricing, we will not ask you for it later.

How is this possible?

Every Patient is different depending on bone quantity and density, but on average, this procedure costs half the price of conventional methods, without any waiting period and the benefit of a Permanently Fixed Bridge in one day. Additionally, Our fees are an average of 30% lower than our nearest competitors.  Many practices use a “team” of specialists to perform the “All-on-4®” procedure, or you are referred to a “team” of specialists. When this happens every member of the “team” must get paid!  Some even spend large sums of money on expensive TV and Magazine Ads that need to be recovered as well.   We all know how expensive that can be and this all results in higher costs for the Patient!  Dr. Kachele and his Staff expertly perform every aspect of your oral rehabilitation, from your initial consultation, to the day you leave with your beautiful new teeth.  Dr. Kachele only answers to one person, You.

For those seeking this procedure in another country, when you factor in all the fees involved with travel expenses like the cost of food, hotel, rental car, and airfare, etc., our fees are lower than traveling to countries like Mexico or Costa Rica, not to mention the hassles and dangers of foreign travel.  And if you have a problem with treatment or their work, it is not easy to just call and travel back for Post Operative needs or adjustments.  Before you have any teeth removed, we invite you to come in for a second opinion!

When you compare our fees it’s easy to see why Dr. Kachele’s Office is an excellent choice for  Teeth-in-1-day! If All-on-Four Dental Implants are not within your budget, we can provide other more affordable options for your dental treatment.

How do I get Started?

The first step in this life-changing procedure is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kachele.  Your consultation will include a  FREE CONE BEAM CT-SCAN  to evaluate your needs  as well as an  INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATION  from  Dr. Kachele  (A $500 DOLLAR VALUE).

Because Dr. Kachele’s time and expertise is valuable (performing numerous All-on-4 to 6 Procedures per month, as well as Same-Day Single Tooth Dental Implants, Advanced Cosmetic and Complex Full-Mouth Procedures per month).  We take pride in offering an exclusive complementary consultation, but we must ask that you show up for  your appointment to avoid a $75.00 NO SHOW FEE if a 48 hour advance notice is not given (If advance notice of cancellation is not given, a NO SHOW FEE must be paid to reschedule.  As a show of good faith we hold this fee and it will go towards future treatment if you make your next scheduled appointment).  Consider this; AT MANY PRACTICES WHEN YOU GO IN FOR A FREE CONSULTATION YOU MAY NEVER EVEN SPEAK TO THE DENTIST, INSTEAD YOU WILL SIT IN FRONT OF A FINANCE OR SALESPERSON WHO’S ONLY GOAL IS TO EXTRACT MONEY FROM YOU!


To get started call our office at San Marcos Phone Number 760-539-0470 (San Marcos, CA – Pacific Standard Time) to speak with one of our Experienced Staff Members. 

Join the 1000′s of Patient who have changed their lives forever, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Kachele and the revolutionary All-on-4 to 6 Perma-Bridge and the All on 8 Crown & Bridge Procedure!

Compare our Price per Arch to others by viewing our Costs and Special Pricing for Dental Implants!

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**Notice:   The Complimentary 3D CT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan) is free when used in our office with treatment unless billed to Insurance when a pre-authorization may be necessary.  We do offer out copies of the Scan to other Dental Providers and Professionals.  Because it takes time for the Doctor to review and to copy DICOM files we charge a fee of $325.00.

*We Are Medicare Part B Certified*

Did you know that in certain circumstances, Medicare Part B will pay for medically necessary surgical procedures like Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifts, Ridge Augmentation and issues that accompany Jaw Bone Loss and Deterioration that effect your health? 

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