8  Reasons You Will Like Our Office

 8 Reasons You Will Like Our Office

1.  Friendliness

You’ll enjoy an atmosphere of lighthearted, friendly communication. No one likes to be around a grump, (All grumps stay away.)  Each team member was chosen for their professional and people skills. Many a patient has remarked, “Are you always like this?” (Friendly, that is.)  Yep, we are.  Why?  Because it is the atmosphere we’d want for ourselves.  And honestly, it is more fun that way for everyone.

“My Husband had a great experience today with his emergency visit.  He wouldn’t go and waited until he could not stand it any longer.  He would never admit that he was afraid to go, let alone ask me to write a good review.  He told me that “his fears are a thing of the past with Dr. Kachele” –  Theresa E.

2.  Gentleness

Let’s face it. Dental work is difficult for many people. If you–or one of your family members–fall into this category, expect relief at our office.  You’ll receive care tailored to your individual needs, designed so you may experience a feeling of security and greater relaxation at all your appointments.  We even have body-contouring dental chairs.  (They are very comfortable.) Ask about our “Pamper You Service” –you’ll enjoy special touches and amenities. (Yes, even at a dental office!)

“The doctor and staff did an awesome job to make sure that felt no pain and explained every step throughout the procedure to make me feel relaxed and comfortable”. – Conrad J.

3.  Competence & Skill

We take our profession seriously and with a passion to deliver high quality care that lasts, looks great and feels good. Our doctors and staff continue to train to deliver an ever-improving quality of care.  You can count on 80+ years of combined experience to give you proven results.  That is our promise to you.

“My experience here has been the best ever! Your professionalism and confidence was comforting too.” –  Lisa W.

4.  Your Time

We respect your time.  We make every effort to see you promptly at your reserved appointment time and complete your treatment quickly and in as few visits as possible. We promise to take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.  We pledge to take the time to inform you of your diagnosis and any needed treatment and why you need it.

“The doctor exemplifies his philosophy of friendly, gentle dentistry.  I came in yesterday terrified, and very embarrassed about the state of my very neglected teeth.  By the time I left I was looking forward to my next appointment.” –  Alicia R.

5.  Impeccable Advanced Care At One Convenient Location

In addition to our complete family dental services, we emphasize cosmetic, rehabilitative and implant dentistry.  In fact, our doctors have  been restoring dental implants since 1985.  If you have a challenging or functional situation, let us apply our advanced techniques of rescue so you don’t end up with a lousy mouth!  One location means you don’t have to run all over town to see a multitude of doctors to get something done.  Let us make your smile a real asset.

“Your are clearly dedicated to providing state-of-the-art service. That is a rare and wonderful thing–and it makes visiting the dentist office(of all places!) a pleasure. To anyone looking for dentistry the way it ought to be done,  I recommend you highly.” – Cathy B.

6.  Friendly Dentistry

Good dentistry is more than excellent clinical skills and state-of-the-art equipment. Establishing lasting relationships with our patients based upon mutual trust and open communication is an important factor. All of our staff is highly qualified in their fields: dentist, assistant, hygienist and clerical support. They are all completely dedicated to caring for patients with the highest quality service. The result is an atmosphere of friendly competence where you can get the sort of care you need to keep your teeth healthy for life.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the doctors and their staff.  They do excellent work and go out of their way to put you at ease.  If there is such a thing as enjoying a dental appointment, you will do it here.” – Roberto D.

7.  Quality You Can Afford

In today’s economy, the cost of Dental Care can be prohibitive.  Even if you have Dental Insurance, the premiums can be high and the amount they cover is becoming more and more limited.  Our patients find that with annual allowances and  patient co-payments/portions are designed with percentages that have people scratching their heads after they find that their insurance denies needed procedures and coverage.  We do everything we can with our years of knowledge base to assist and to bill out and to collect what we can for our patients as a service, which more offices are declining to do because of the headache and time involved.  We feel that you are worth it!

We also do our very best to offer competitive fees while maintaining the best in quality dentistry.  We maintain our quality by using the best in dental materials and the latest in technology and stay current with the latest in techniques by attending continuing education courses and study clubs with our peers and professional organizations.  Offering the best, means keeping on top of our field and using only the best available to our patients.

“My wife and I and even the friends we have referred are amazed at what a difference in pricing we experienced.  We did not have dental insurance, and needed lots or work.  This office not only gave us a complementary second opinion, but showed us other options we were never offered, in fact, even the best and most expensive option at this office was less than the pricing we received for “patching up” our teeth to get us by!  They worked with us and our budget, and showed us how we could accomplish what we needed.  We are so glad we found Dr. Kachele and his staff.   We can’t thank him and his staff enough!”

Thomas G.

8.  Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with the kind of service we’d want for ourselves. We have spent tens of thousands of hours working to create an office that delivers what it promises.  Your satisfaction is our goal.  We offer a complete plan to take care of your needs and once completed, we make a commitment to help you keep your mouth problem free and in good condition for years to come.

“Thanks to the doctor, my mouth looks and feels healthier than it has for years.   We got tired of hearing that we needed something new every time we went to our old dentist.  Dr. Kachele and his staff gave us a complete examination from the start where they showed us the x-rays, photos of our teeth, and explained in detail what we needed.  We were motivated to keep up with our checkups, and you guessed it,, the work held up and we continue to have good reports 3 years later!”

–  Tonya M.

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Did you know that in certain circumstances, Medicare Part B will pay for medically necessary surgical procedures like Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifts, Ridge Augmentation and issues that accompany Jaw Bone Loss and Deterioration that effect your health? 

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