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How long do same day dental implants take to heal?

In that past it was customary once an implant was placed to allow for a healing time of 4 months for the lower jaw and 4 to 6 months for the upper jaw to heal before an impression can be made for the implant crown or other prosthetic devise to be placed upon the implant or implants.  In fact, when an extraction was involved, it was also common for the bone graft to be placed and allowed to heal for many months before the implant was to be placed, adding even more time to the process.

Are there any exceptions to that rule?

There are exceptions to the healing time rules that allow the placement of a crown or crowns the same day the implant is placed.  In many instances Dr. Kachele  can place your dental implants the same day that they provide your dental implant consultation.  In cases where  extractions have already been completed (and sufficient bone has re-grown) Dr. Kachele and his associates can place your implant or implants in less than 20 minutes each.

If extractions must take place before implant placement, Dr. Kachele can do that at the first appointment including grafting the socket (the space where the extracted root was taken from).  Although bone grafts usually have to heal 5 months before implants can be placed in the former position of the extracted root, Dr. Kachele is able to utilize his many years of experience and his skills to increase your chances of same day implants on single teeth or multiple teeth, even including placement directly following the extraction.   By using new technology for measuring and testing the strength of the fixation of the Implant during surgery, there are now predictable guidelines that can be used to make decisions on same day loading of a prosthesis directly in conjunction with placing the implant during the procedure, hence, “same day implants”.

There are now numerous studies showing results that are backed by thousands of implant placements worldwide using torque measurements, bone density measurements (Mega ISQ) , and Cone Beam CT scanning that support and give solid guidelines for success using same day implants.  Dr. Kachele takes advantage of  all the available technology and uses his years of knowledge base and experience placing thousands of implants so that he can provide same day implants when at all possible.    He does not believe it is in anyone’s best interest to extract a tooth and place bone grafting material so that they can come back to have another surgery to place the implant months later if it can be avoided when it may be possible to place the implant and graft that day.  Dr. Kachele states,  ” I truly believe it is always best to minimize the number of surgeries and visits so that we can do whatever we can to help those who are candidates save time, and of course money when possible”.   Dr. Kachele and his staff can explain this to you during the evaluation and consultation process after determining  your individual needs.

We recognize that many of you may drive a long distance in order to obtain service from us. When making your first appointment you can ask our staff and discuss your specific questions related to dental implants. They will be happy to discuss and to  answer any questions about dental implant procedures including costs. Many times our staff  will come to us with specific questions and they will call potential patients back with personalized answers.  This decision (including fee determination) is made on a case by case basis.  Because of this, it is difficult to give an exact cost over the phone, which is why we offer a Complimentary Exam.  Dr. Kachele believes that if someone is serious about having Dental Implants, they will appreciate that he is willing to give his time to answer questions and to explain in detail to his patients all possible scenarios, alternatives, and outcomes.  With respect to fees, he believes that he can offer “Quality You Can Afford”.

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Can We give you my current dental treatment plans, x-rays or CAT scans?

You can send me your x-rays, CAT scan or your current treatment plans by others with you during our consultation and evaluation or second opinion where we can answer specific questions with more precision.  If it is decided that a same day implant can be done before or at this initial consultation, I am often willing to stay open even after regular business hours in order to make sure I complete the procedure or procedures you needed if appropriate.  Unlike some offices who refer their patients out to a Radiology Lab, Dr. Kachele has his own Cone Beam CT Machine in his office.  Dr. Kachele  proudly offers his CT scans on  the New 81003D Cone Beam made by Carestream (Kodak) Dental Company and he is as a part of their  National Dental Advisory Team of Dentists.   Dr. Kachele is highly skilled at reading CT scans and is an expert at creating surgical planning via 3D technology.  Every step of treatment is planned with precision which gives his patients the comfort and confidence of knowing they will  have the best in treatment and outcome with their new smile!

*We Are Medicare Part B Certified*

Did you know that in certain circumstances, Medicare Part B will pay for medically necessary surgical procedures like Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifts, Ridge Augmentation and issues that accompany Jaw Bone Loss and Deterioration that effect your health? 

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