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I haven’t been to the dentist in over 10 years and my tooth has been hurting so I was really scared on what to expect! I came into Dr.Kachele office and first I notice the super cool fish tank!! Smelt super clean and all front desk staff were very friendly. After all the paper work they took me back and the dental assistant Veronica took my X-Rays she was very professional and made sure I felt as comfortable as possible. Dr.Kachele came in and gave me his professional opinion and even had a cool small camera to show me the inside of my mouth of everything that needed to be done. He made me feel so comfortable and I have full trust! 
I highly recommend Dr.Kachele to anyone looking for a dentist they trust and that won’t take advantage!

Lilia S.


I have been a patient of Dr. Kachelle for over 25 years. After visiting
numerous dentist that would not help me with my many dental issues due to the cost of the amount of procedures needed. The first day I visited Dr. Kachele, he made it clear that his main objective was my oral health and restoring my ability to smile without covering my mouth. Dr Kachele knowledge and expertise surpass any dentist in the area. He keeps up and current with the latest technology available. Because I have known Dr. Kachele for so long, I have no doubt that his main objective is to provide his patients the best care possible to restore their oral health. His approach to pain management is outstanding. I have had many challenges with insurance reimbursement. Insurance companies main objective is to deny claims or pay the minimum possible. I am very proactive in calling insurance companies when issues arise because Dr. Kachele roll as a dentist is not just to treat patients and go home. Insurance companies demand so much such as notes, x-rays etc, it’s tedious and exhausting but this is what he does to help his patients. Dr Kachele  care is worth every penny and in order to provide the latest technology available, he does have to charge for his services. Thanks to Dr. Kachele I am able to smile with confidence. Dr. Kachele is as real as they come!
I’m forever grateful……


Love this place. Great and easy and quick . come here if you and talk to Jennifer she will help you out and make sure you leave with a pretty smile …


I had a great experience her at Dr Kachele office today. His knowledge and experience saved me. I would recommend anyone need dental service to go to his office.

Virginia K.
Virginia K.

I was SO nervous to go to the dentist – I haven’t been since I moved out of my parents house 3 years ago and I suddenly was experiencing excruciating tooth pain and needed to see someone. I am so happy I found Dr. Kachele! Immediately upon entering his office, I felt more at ease. The fish tank is really cool and kind of hypnotic, and the front desk staff was very sweet and helpful. The nurse who took my X-Rays was so professional and friendly, so by the time I saw Dr Kachele, I was feeling a lot more at ease. Dr Kachele is CLEARLY a highly experienced and skilled dentist, and his chairside manner is awesome. He explained to me what procedure I would need, what to expect both during and after, and even had a small “mouth cam” to let me see what he was seeing in my mouth. It was a really cool experience! I was so pleased with the procedure itself… Of course there was pain but that’s to be expected, and it was really quite minimal. Dr. Kachele finished up quickly and did great work! I am so glad I decided to trust him with my smile. Thank you Dr. K!


Dr. Kachele has renewed my faith in honest, superior quality dentistry.  It does exist!  Dr. Kachele is very professional, patient, gentle, and thorough!  I don’t even feel the Novocain, (numbing), shots! It’s amazing!  His personality puts you at ease, and he is sincere about caring how your experience is and your dental health overall, and he is very approachable when asking questions about your procedure or anything about dentistry as a whole.  He is very knowledgeable about all the latest techniques and products available on the market to help your teeth look as good as can be and help eliminate teeth sensitivity.  His support staff are so nice and professional as well, and you don’t feel like just a number.  They truly care about you as a person!  And, they are very good at reminding you of your appointment time!  You won’t ever forget what day and time it is for sure.  Ha-ha!  🙂  I actually leave their office after my dental procedures feeling so much better knowing I just received the best dental care ever!  After all the problems I’ve had with dentists previously in my life, I now know what a great dental experience truly is!! Thank you Dr. Kachele and to his great staff! 🙂  I would highly recommend going to Dr. Kachele!  Your best dental experience awaits you!


Dr. Kachele is absolutely lovely! I’ve never written a review for a dentist especially because I hate going to the dentist, but he deserves one. I’ve had a cavity for a while and just thought it was minor jaw pain. He handled it extremely well. From pain management to planning a day with me to come in and get it filled. He is very good at what he does and made me feel comfortable by really taking the time to get to know me and walk me through what needs to get done. I’m looking forward to going to him for a very long time.


The best! Caring, compassionate, and up to date with all the latest technological advances in his field. Removed a chipped metal filling and replaced it with the non-toxic tooth colored version in less than 2 hours! Fit me in same day. Cost was much less than I expected, and the whole process was entirely pain free!!
Why this is so unusual among dentists I don’t know but thanks to Yelp I found Dr. Kachele and am so glad that I did.


I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kachele. I would normally never review a dentist but he was so great I had to spread the word. My first sign that he was wonderful, there is a fish tank. Everyone knows the best dentists have fish tanks. The staff greeted me and were very welcoming which put me at ease. I spoke with him about what I wanted with my teeth and he joked with me while cleaning my teeth after I told him I was nervous. He really does care about his clients and made me feel perfectly at home. I’m going back soon for a whitening!

Wichit M.
Wichit M.

I came in to get my root canal work on. I went to a few dentists before. A friend of mind told about Dr. Kachelle. He and his team worked on my problem right away. With in two and a half hours is done. He and his staffs are so kind and very helpful to me. I will let my families know about this. Thanks doctor Kachele.

Jessica H.
Jessica H.

We have been going to Dr. Kachele’s office since 2013 and have been so happy with all of our experiences. 
First – the staff is SO friendly! Every encounter we have had with them has been pleasant and they are always extremely professional. 
Second – they are super clear on their billing and any out of pocket costs. We have some amazing insurance but were blind sided by other dentists with a bunch of fees and costs that “weren’t covered under our insurance”. Anything we have paid (always really minimal – they do an AMAZING job at keep prices low!) has been clearly outlined to us as to what it is and why we are being billed it.
Third – my whole family feels comfortable coming here! We took our oldest son here for his first dental visit and it couldn’t have gone better. The staff did an outstanding job at making him feel comfortable with his surroundings to the point where he doesn’t fear going to the dentist like other kids his age. My husband hates going to any dental office but he enjoys going  – I think they spend more time talking about sports than teeth!
Overall I am so thankful that we found this office! I couldn’t imagine ever going to any other dentist.

Arlene N.
Arlene N.

I’ve been going to Dr Kachele for 10 years and love him. He has always been so patient with me and my craziness while in his dental chair. My two kids have seen him for years and don’t mind going, even tho he’s the dentist. They trust him! I’ve referred 3 co workers and they have all continued to see him, they too love him. They make the billing practice easy, their customer service and staff are perfect! Love our dentist!