Dental Implants  –  Special Pricing


   Although our rates may not be the lowest, however they are very reasonable in comparison to our surrounding community. We are all interested in saving money for our patients when possible.  It is our goal to do our best to work with you in saving money but it is very important that we point out to you that we do not subscribe to compromising the quality of care by using inferior product or technology to achieving better pricing.  We are proud to offer our patients the best in technology and equipment available along with the best in today’s implant and dental lab products because we care about our patients and want the best for them at all times.  

   By offering the best, we get the best in results and long term stable outcomes that will last for years.  Our suppliers offer the best in warranty available on the market today.   We have found with regard to Full Mouth Reconstruction or Same Day Dental Implants for those with Dentures or a need for replacing all teeth, we are able to save our patients hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  In some cases we know that we can save you in excess of $7,500 per arch, or $15,000 dollars for both upper and lower arches.  We believe that we are here to serve and to help others.  If we can find ways to provide top quality and save you money, we feel that we are making a difference that counts!

                              We are able to do this for the following reasons:

1.  We do not do TV Advertising, it is very expensive and substantially adds to our overhead and costs.

2.  We have the same Doctor performing the Implant Surgery and providing the Prosthetic Dentistry which we believe can have substantial benefits by not only saving money needed to pay multiple doctors but also avoids a referral out to other offices.  By keeping with the same Doctor from start to finish, we find it helps in maintaining critical and valuable treatment considerations that may be lost when transferring treatment between multiple Doctors or Providers.

3.  We have negotiated competitive rates from our Implant manufacturers, dental supply companies, and laboratories.  We pass this on to our patients.

 Using Your Existing Dentures is an Option We Offer and Saves You Money!

   By using your existing denture, our prices start at $8599 per arch for the All on 4 to 6 Procedure.    Because we are very conscious of your economic needs and because we understand the high costs of this procedure, we offer a choice that many other providers do not offer or consider.  We know that many who already have existing dentures may be considering stabilizing them and making them more permanent, but want to use their existing dentures to help save them money and to make stabilizing their dentures an option.

   People are shying away from the All on 4 to 6 Procedure because of costly estimates of $20,000 to $25,000  and we are now even seeing prices beyond the $30,000 dollar mark for one arch, the option becomes unobtainable.  We can retrofit and modify your existing dentures.   With this in mind, we can always move forward with the new hi-tech non-hybrid Perma-Bridge at a later date at your discretion.  

New Stage 1 Same Day Affordable All on 4 or 6 PMMA Bridge

   Compare our Stage 1 All on 4 to 6 process with prices starting at $12,499.  Not everyone can afford prices for the All on 4 procedure, even at our competitive pricing.  We see people daily who need help and who need an option that will allow them a beautiful new smile and a way to afford getting started with the All on 4 process. We offer the all on 4 to 6 process in stages.   Our Stage 1 Implant Denture now gives people a new choice to move forward with big savings up front and the option of moving to a Nano-hybrid / Zirconia Perma-Denture Bridge at a later date.  We are proud to offer this the Stage 1 affordable process so that you can get started with a new smile you can be proud of !  

                                          All on 4 or 6 Perma-Denture Bridge

   The all inclusive All on 4 or 6 with the revolutionary new Zirconia / Nano Hybrid Perma-Denture Bridge is made for a final stage result and can be done after the Stage 1 acrylic denture or it can be done for a longer lasting permanent result starting at $18,999.

All on 6 or 8 Full Arch Crown & Bridge

   Some people are candidates for Traditional Crown and Bridge.  If you have adequate bone and tissue to work with you may be able to have more implants placed and a more individualized look for replacement of teeth.  We are seeing prices that are far above the All on 4 procedure which puts this out of reach for those who may want this option, but are considering the All on 4.  If you have had a consultation for this type of procedure, you will know that our All on 6 Crown and Bridge price starting at 19,999 is extremely competitive and almost unheard of in the United States.  Call us today for a second opinion at your convenience!

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Current Pricing 

Note:  All Prices are calculated using the best in materials and labs available to Dentistry in the U.S.  We do our best to be very competitive with our pricing, but refuse to cut corners or to use inferior products.  Because of this our prices are firm.  We will do everything we can to assist you with processing insurance benefits and/or financing. 

Single Tooth / Multi-Tooth Implants

Single Tooth Dental Implant – $2495*
 Includes the implant, abutment and crown.

2  Consecutive Teeth Dental Implants – $2350* each
 Includes the implant, abutment and crown.

3 Consecutive / Adjacent Teeth Dental Implants – $2250* each
 Includes the implant, abutment and crown.

4 or More Consecutive / Adjacent Teeth Dental Implants – $2150* each
 Includes the implant, abutment and crown.

Cosmetic Abutment Upgrade for Front Teeth –  $150

*Grafting procedures and Extractions incur additional fees – we offer reduced pricing in conjunction with Implant    placement to help save you money.

Consultation for placing crown and abutment on an implant placed by another dentist  – $125                                         (we will apply that fee toward treatment if provided)

 **Notice:   The Complimentary 3D CT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan) is free when used in our office with treatment unless billed to Insurance when a pre-authorization may be necessary. We do offer out copies of the Scan to other Dental Providers and Professionals. Because it takes time for the Doctor to review and to copy DICOM files we charge a fee of $325.00.

 All on 4 or 6  Perma-Bridge & Acrylic Denture   /   All on 6 or 8  Crown & Bridge

All on 4 Same Day / Using Existing Denture  –   $8,599  per Arch                                                                                                             (Includes 4 Implants, CT Scans, Sedation, Surgical Stent, Modification of Existing Denture)

All on 4 Stage 1 PMMA Bridge  –   $12,499  per Arch

(Affordable procedure – Includes 4 Implants, Supporting Abutment Fixtures, CT Scans, Sedation, Up to 6 Extractions, Acrylic Implant Denture)

All on 6 Stage 1 PMMA Bridge  –   $14,999  per Arch

(Affordable procedure – Includes 6 Implants, Supporting Abutment Fixtures, CT Scans, Sedation, Up to 6 Extractions, Acrylic Implant Denture)

All on 4 Same Day Perma-Bridge  –   $18,999  per Arch                                                                                                                 (Includes 4 Implants, Supporting Abutment Fixtures, CT Scans, Sedation, Up to 6 Extractions, Sedation, Same Day Healing Denture, Final Perma-Bridge – made as Bruxir Zirconia / Nano Hybrid Structure) 

*(If 5th or 6th Implant is Needed – Add $950 for each additional Implant / $300 for each supporting abutment fixture)   

 *(Modify Existing Denture (Reline or Retrofit Procedure)  –  $525

All on 6 Crown and Bridge Same Day Procedure  –   $19,999  per Arch

(Includes 6 Implants and Supporting Abutments Fixtures, Temporary Bridge, Final Layered Zirconia Porcelain Crown & Bridge, CT Scans, Sedation, Up to 6 Extractions)

All on 8 Crown and Bridge Same Day Procedure  –   $23,499  per Arch

(Includes 8 Implants and Supporting Abutments Fixtures, Temporary Bridge, Final Layered Zirconia Porcelain Crown & Bridge, CT Scans, Sedation, Up to 6 Extractions)

Perma-Bridge (Bruxir Zirconia / Hi-Tech NanoHybrid)  – $9,599

(For New Permanent Implant Denture on Already Existing Implants or as a final State 2  Bridge when patient is ready to upgrade from a Stage 1 PMMA Bridge for a more permanent and longer lasting restoration – Includes titanium sub-structure, jig verification process, abutment fixtures, substructure, try-in visits, CT Scans)

* (Sinus Lifts / Ridge Augmentation / Bone Grafting / Guided Membrane procedures incur Addn’l fee)

Extractions, Bone Grafting, and Other Fees


  • Simple Extraction –     $175 per tooth
  • Surgical Extraction –   $275 per tooth

Bone Grafts

  • Single Site  –  $395  (ea add tooth – $200)
  • Per Quadrant – $625 (three or more teeth)

Guided Tissue Regeneration / Collagen Membrane

  • Single Site –   $175 (each add tooth – $125)

 Sinus Lift Elevation Procedure

  • Lateral Window Approach – $1400
  • Vertical (Crestal) Approach – $775  (ea add tooth – $500)

*(Bone Graft and/or Collagen Membrane additional fee)

 Ridge Augmentation / Expansion

  • Single Site  –   $650 
  • Per Quadrant  –  $900

 Surgical Stents

  • Single Arch –  $575
  • Full Mouth  –  $875

* Molars (back teeth) have two to three roots  as opposed to all  the teeth in  front of them.  Dental implants are sometimes the size of a single rooted tooth, but usually smaller.  It is sometimes not appropriate to replace  multi-rooted tooth with a single implant, especially when that multi-rooted tooth has been absent with no graft, even, in some cases, only for months.

 “The Economic Snap on Denture”

                               Upper – $8,699  (6 Implants recommended)  /  Lower  – $7,499  (4 Implants)           (Includes all Denture Attachments, Soft Liner, Retrofit & Reline Existing Denture, up to 6 extractions)

* (Sinus Lifts / Ridge Augmentation / Bone Grafting / Guided Membrane procedures incur Addn’l fee)

           *Other Additional Fees  (Replace or Add Implant – $800) ( New Implant Denture – $2,500)                                                     

                                                           Dental Insurance Carriers We Accept

PPO / Indemnity  Plans      

We accept all major forms of dental insurance, and many dental plans have an allowance for dental implants. The advantage of seeking treatment from Dr. Kachele is that our implants are dramatically less expensive than many other dental implant specialists.  If you have a maximum benefit stated on your insurance you can get far more coverage for your money.  We have even been able to save money for those who have been given a price from their HMO providers. 

HMO Dental Plans

Although we do not take HMO Dental Plans in our office, we are finding that our prices may compare and even save on procedures for several reasons.  We have found that many alternative “uncovered” procedures that are not standard codes have been added to these plans to pad their pricing.   The American Dental Association has a list of all required and acceptable procedure codes for our procedures that are utilized by all Dentists here in the United States.  You would be amazed at some of the creative codes we have seen that enable some HMO providers the ability to charge for “non-covered” procedures!  In many cases, their treatment plans cost more than an out of pocket procedure at our office. 

 *We Are Medicare Certified*

Did you know that in certain circumstances, Medicare Part B will pay for medically necessary surgical procedures like Bone Grafting, Sinus Lifts, Ridge Expansion and issues that accompany Jaw Bone Loss and Deterioration that effect your health

Call us for a free consultation today at   760-539-0470  or click the link below for your online request.

Medicare Certified 1

         *Prices Subject to Change – All prices given at time of Consultation will be honored for 30 days.

What Happens If One of My Implants Fail?

After decades of implant placement worldwide, we have statistics that show high success rates.  Within my own practice, we now have implants in place for over 30 years and still going strong.  Like all successful providers who have been in practice placing dental implants for a number of years, I have had the experience of failure along the way and the ability to overcome and deal with issues where in most cases, we are able to re-implant the implant that is failing and to gain success.  There are cases where some implants will take hold and be successful but instances an implant just does not seem to want to integrate.  We have educated ideas of why this happens, and it takes a grounded experienced dental surgeon to work with you when this happens.  For example, Dental Implant success rates can be effected by smoking, diabetes, loss of blood flow to bone grafting, infections that are existing or in the past in the area of bone that is going to host an implant as well as many other reasons that should be discussed and considered at the time of consultation.

Because this issue does happen, it is very important to know that you have someone who will work with you to overcome any issues and to stand by you and to continue to work hard with you to help achieve a successful outcome.  My team and I are committed to our patients when this happens.  This includes discussion of cost and time in any second attempt to gain success.  Many of my patients find that other practices will charge top fees again for this process. We have made a decision in this practice where we will work to discount further implants at our cost when this happens.  If you have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to address this at any time during your free consultation. 

  Honorable Mention

We have been asked if we can compete with prices offered in other countries.  They have different costs to consider than those of us in the US, which may not enable us to compete.  We have seen good results and heard issues that many do not consider when venturing into travel for Dental Implant procedures.   When considering travel costs like possible air fare, lodging and meals, the number of visits, and the inability to get back in the event of problems or issues, many people may need to keep these things in mind when considering this journey.  We know the costs can be prohibitive and do our best to help make Dental Implants more affordable by offering the above pricing.  We welcome you to schedule an appointment at our office for a complementary examination or second opinion so that we can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and price.

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